Video: How To Re-Darken Your Personalized Jewelry

Darkened stampings are beautiful and allow your personalization to really stand out. After you wear it for a while, though, the darkening will eventually start to wear off and you'll be left with an untouched, stamped or engraved piece.

In this video tutorial, I'll teach you how to re-darken your stamping or engraving so your jewelry looks just like it did when you bought it! It's super easy and fast and you likely already have everything you need at home:

- Black Sharpie marker (the thicker ones work best)
- Rubbing Alcohol
- Cotton swab or toilet paper (something non-abrasive)

Don't forget to give your piece a good polish after you're done... it'll look good as new! Need a polishing cloth? You can find them in the shop here!

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